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We had the pleasure of supplying our DJ Jeep for Paddy Power at Brighton Pride. With pride being such a major event, we knew we had to plan something incredible for this particular event.

To make your brand standout amongst many others and in front of thousands of people is a major task.

At Events by Knight we have a brilliant team of creative planners, production and management who know how to produce very best for brand activations such as this.

What we did:

Our DJ Jeep is a customised Land Rover Defender. It has had everything stripped out and a whole DJ set up installed.

This worked really well for the Brighton Pride event as there are thousands of people walking and dancing around, therefore the DJ Jeep was easily catching people’s attention and being admired as one of the main attractions.

The DJ Jeep truck is also ideal for branding. As it has such large surface spaces, we can apply your logo on pretty much all of the truck.

You can have a half wrap, a full wrap and your logo badges applied wherever on the Jeep

For this event we had the Paddy Power decals all over the Jeep to showcase the brand we were working with.

The DJ Jeep is such a great way for your brand to be seen on the move. A big Land Rover would catch attention anyway, however having a whole DJ set up and branding definitely gives your brand or activation the attention it deserves!

If you’ve got an outdoor event that requires music whether that be stationary or on the move, then Events by Knight’s DJ Jeep is for you!

Services we provided for this event:


Event Entertainment

Event Management

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