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An exciting night for the launch of the game Back 4 Blood

It was a fantastic night at Platform in Shoreditch, London for the launch of the game Back 4 Blood designed, produced and managed by the Events by Knight team.

Here is how we brought this game to life!


We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to plan and design the atmosphere to showcase Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood is an online multiplayer first person shooter game. It was developed by Turtle Rock Studios and published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.

The game was released for Windows, PlayStation and the Xbox series. We were commissioned to transform the entire venue into an abandoned building to tie into theme of the game for the brand launch.

Our skilled and professional team at Events by Knight under the creative direction of Kwame Knight worked extremely to set up the inside and outside of the venue to encapsulate the vibe of the video game.


For the concept of this event we wanted to completely match the theme of the game. We researched into the game and created lots of props and decoration that we could use to transform the venue space. We wanted it to feel like you were walking into the game as soon as you arrived at the venue. Like stepping into this new, unusual, virtual world.


The venue that we transformed into the abandoned building was Platform in Shoreditch, London. Platform is a gaming bar equipped with eight gaming booths with PS5s and Nintendo Switches. Platform also has a ten-person esports stage and a fantastic bar.

We knew that this would be the perfect fit to match the vibe of the game. Our amazing team at Events by Knight got to work in making the venue a Back 4 Blood inspired atmosphere.

Event Design and Production

We wanted to create an immersive experience for our guests to step into. We placed designed decals on the windows and doors outside of the venue which had blood splatters and broken wooden slabs that looked like they had been placed over a window that had been broken into.

Having these touches on the outside of the venue helped to immerse our guests into this new world of Back 4 Blood. Inside, the team at Events by Knight designed within the space to keep this new world alive.

We had the computers up and running that guests could sit at and enjoy the new game. Surrounding the computers and over more of the venue were vines and leaves twisted around objects with cobwebs hanging off of them.

We had dolls hanging from the ceiling and lots of white material covered in red costume paint to make it look like they were full of blood. There were long yellow blinds with red bloody handprint decal stickers all over them.

These same decal stickers were also used to stick on some of the walls and the floors. Our lighting for the event was quite dark using hints of orange and green to tie in with the leaves hanging around the room.


Entertainment for the event we had the computers with the game Back 4 Blood available for guests to play on. This was perfect with all of the event design and lighting in the room as it really felt like you were in the game.

We had an open bar open so our guests could enjoy a drink whilst engaging in the experience and playing the new game. We also had a very talented member of our team creating amazing special FX makeup looks for our guests; a fantastic touch!


Throughout the event there was a fully stocked bar for the guests to enjoy as well as specialised branded drinks to tie into the theme.

Event Planning and Management

The Back 4 Blood game launch event was completely designed & installed by our Events by Knight team. The launch event for Back 4 Blood was designed and planned to perfection. The event design, lighting, concept, everything came together so well and it created an amazing atmosphere for our guests to enjoy and have fun in.

Final Outlook

If you are launching or promoting a brand, you will want the event to showcase it in creative and engaging way. At Events by Knight we will work alongside you to create the ideal launch event.

Services we provided

Experiential planning

Event design & production

Event management

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