A Step By Step Guide To Planning and Organising a Large Scale Corporate Christmas Party

If you're looking for corporate Christmas party planners for large companies, you'll want to work with an experienced event planning company that specialise in organising large-scale corporate events. At Events by Knight, we have extensive experience of working with corporate companies and organising large scale Corporate Christmas Parties. As your event partner we will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a stress-less experience.

We have outlined some steps to help to understand what is required when planning a large corporate Christmas party:

1 Define Your Objectives and Budget:

• Determine the purpose of the party (e.g., team building, employee appreciation, client networking).

• Set an estimated budget based on your company's financial expectations.

2 Form a Planning Committee:

• For large-scale parties it’s advisable to hire an event planning company to help with the planning and execution of the party.

3 Choose a Date and Venue:

• Select a date that works for the majority of your employees and clients.

Choose a suitable venue that can accommodate your guest count, has the necessary facilities, and aligns with your theme or vision for the event.

4 Select a Theme:

• Decide on a Christmas party theme that sets the tone for the event. Popular themes include Winter Wonderland, Christmas Gatsby or Masquerade.

• However, having a theme is not necessary if it is not your style.

5 Plan Entertainment and Activities:

• Arrange entertainment such as live bands, DJs, or a professional act.

• Consider activities like photo booths, games, and contests to keep guests engaged.

6 Catering and Drinks:

• Choose a catering company that can provide a variety of food options suitable for your guest list (including dietary restrictions).

• Arrange an alternative to alcoholic beverages for religious or personal reasons.

7 Decorations and Ambiance:

• Decorate the venue in line with your chosen theme, including stage set, lighting, centerpieces, and seasonal decor.

8. Invitations and RSVPs:

• Send out invitations well in advance, either digitally or through printed cards.

• Collect RSVPs to get an accurate headcount for planning purposes.

9 Audio-Visual and Technical Setup:

• Ensure you have the necessary audio-visual equipment for presentations, speeches, and entertainment.

• Arrange for technical support to troubleshoot any issues during the event.

10 Transportation and Parking:

- If required, arrange transportation for guests, and ensure there is ample parking at the venue.

11 Gift and Prize Selection:

- Plan corporate gifts or prizes for employees or clients. Consider items that align with your company culture or theme.

12 Event Timeline and Schedule:

- Create a detailed event timeline that outlines the schedule, including arrival times, speeches, activities, and meal service.

13 Security and Safety:

- Arrange for security personnel if needed to ensure the safety of your guests and their belongings.

14 Registration and Check-In:

- Set up a registration/check-in area for guests to receive badges or wristbands and collect any necessary information.

15 Communication and Promotion:

- Promote the event internally and externally to generate excitement and attendance.

16 Rehearsal and Final Checks:

- Conduct a rehearsal with your planning committee and event staff to ensure everyone knows their roles.

- Do a final walkthrough of the venue to confirm that all elements are in place.

17 Execution of the Event:

- On the day of the event, Events by Knight will manage the timetable and handle any unexpected issues that may occur.

- Enjoy the party and ensure that guests have a great time.

It’s never too early to plan and book your corporate Christmas parties. Popular dates and venues are booked months in advance. Therefore, to have more of a choice and to not stress out, get in touch now and let’s discuss how we can help plan your Christmas party this year!


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