Music for your event and why it's important

Music for your event may not always be your first priority when deciding to organise and plan for an event, yet it’s difficult to imagine any event without it. Would a bride want to walk down the aisle in silence? How could you strut your funky stuff at a party without any music? Music for your event is not only used as a form of entertainment, but it also sets a scene, creates a mood or atmosphere, brings people together and encourages participation.Events by Knight design, plan, prepare and put together both corporate and personal celebratory events. We understand the impact music for your event can have and the different styles or genres which would be relevant and appropriate. Selecting the correct music for your event is a fine art and important to get right, so whether you’re looking for dramatic count down music for a product launch or dreamy, romantic music for a Valentine event, we will put together a perfect play list.Here we share our thoughts on why music for your event is important and give ideas for selecting the right kind of music for your event.

Music unites

Whether it’s a festival, concert or celebratory party, music unites people, bringing them together to enjoy dancing and to be entertained. It breaks down social barriers by encouraging people to mingle as well as language barriers. Everyone can enjoy a popular rhythm or beat without the need for words.

Music conveys emotions

Music portrays a mood. lively, vibrant, upbeat music makes us happy, whilst sad melancholy music may cause us to reflect and feel sad. Music stirs emotions – making us either calm, nostalgic, happy or sad and then encourages us to respond accordingly. For example, slow, thoughtful for romantic dances and lively, bouncy, happy music for birthday celebrations.

Music energises

A rousing beat gets people off their seats and onto the dance floor, energising them into making an event more memorable. A DJ who understands the power of energetic music keeps a party vibe going with happy, enthused guests dancing the night away.

Music showcases personality

Selecting music for your event is a unique way of expressing your own personality for a personal celebratory event. It reflects your taste and helps you to wow your crowd with amazing dance moves.

Music creates memories

People tend to remember event music far longer than other elements you may have planned for your event. For example, whereas they may not remember the type of flowers you had at your wedding, it’s likely they can recall the track that livened up the dance floor. Remember, people talk about successful events. If they enjoyed their party night, they’ll be talking about it for the right reasons.So, selecting the right kind of music for your event is vital for achieving the correct mood and atmosphere. Music can make or break an event. You need to take the age range of your guests into account and think carefully about the effect you wish to create, but which genre of music works best?

Corporate events

Subtle background music to evoke a calm atmosphere works best at corporate events. Suitable for business dinners, conferences and trade shows it will enhance the atmosphere, creating sophistication. Instrumental music also works well, especially during breaks and pauses. Music can also create dramatic tension and excitement in building up for announcements through the use of fanfares. Perhaps more appropriate for an awards event.


Possibilities are endless, but bear in mind age range and include songs from their era, love songs and varying styles of dance – pop, twist, swing, rock and roll, for example.

Wedding receptions

Pop and contemporary music is perfect for a wedding reception, although you may like to include a meaningful, slow piece of music for your ‘first dance.’ If you prefer live bands, either provide them with a list of songs you’d like to have played during your wedding reception or give them an opportunity to respond to demand for on the night song requests.Don’t forget that whichever type of music you select for your event, you’ll also need to think about budget and the acoustics of your venue.Alternatively, why not leave the planning to Events by Knight. Our reputable database of suppliers and vendors gives us instant access to live bands, instrumentalists, DJs and party music professionals.

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