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Successful conference event management is a time consuming and challenging responsibility. Guests must leave with positive thoughts and memories of both the event itself and your brand, your company and the overall agenda for the day. There really is so much to consider, it’s difficult to know where to begin. Events by Knight have considerable experience in conference event management and planning in London. We have a keen eye for detail and know that often it’s the little things that make a difference, those little extras which demonstrate an ability to show you really care about the needs of your delegates.From taking into account time zone differences, cultural expectations in terms of food and drink, through to solving problems with language barriers via the latest translation technology, Events by Knight plan, produce and manage London global conference events to be proud of.London is our home. We’re accustomed to planning and managing events at the headquarters of large London multinationals, prestigious hotels, lecture halls and conference centres within our capital city, and we know that effective collaboration and teamwork are key.Here, we share with you a few valuable insights for successful conference event management in London.


If you’re planning to use an external venue, ie anything other than premises of your London company or headquarters, you must consider practicalities. The two major factors here are location and comfort.Ideally the venue should be conveniently located for transport connections and hotel facilities and suitable for the nature of the event you are looking to hold. Bear in mind lighting, presentation equipment and cabling as well as the space required for seating and corporate event furniture.Do take time to visit venues before making your final selection, preferably at the same time of day as the event will be hold. This helps to discover if there’s any traffic congestion which could delay your guests’ arrival.

Digital connectivity

While considering your choice of venue, also bear in mind digital connectivity and ensure wi-fi is setup with either a secure connection or available password. Even if your event doesn’t require delegates to access the Internet, from a promotional perspective, posts on social media may be valuable. It may also be a good idea to provide portable charging stations.


Allow plenty of time to book your speakers and /or presenters, giving them as much detail as possible on their role, subject matter and fee structure (if applicable). It would also be helpful to include travel and accommodation details on invitations and perhaps booking flights, accommodation on their behalf.

Agenda and itinerary

Conferences need a strict agenda or theme with schedules and time slots in place. You will also need to factor in presentations, comfort breaks, networking opportunities, lunch and tea breaks when planning an agenda for delegates.Learn the order of events and make sure all event staff are aware of the running order so that everything goes to plan without any embarrassing silences.

Health and safety

Remember that attendees will be unfamiliar with the layout of your venue. Make sure you know where emergency exits, fire extinguishers and first aid equipment are located and that these details are communicated effectively to guests when grouped together at the start of the conference. It would also be helpful to have a qualified first aider on site to cater for minor medical eventualities.

Catering / refreshment suppliers

Catering requirements will obviously be subject to budget and duration of the conference, but basic snacks and refreshments need to be provided. Providing a buffet or hot meal will give guests a greater opportunity to interact and network with each other but remember to take into account dietary needs / allergies and if relevant, cultural differences too.


Finalise your arrangements with suppliers as early as you can and make sure you have written communication regarding terms and conditions, penalty clauses etc. With all your venue arrangements in place you can then concentrate on printing maps, invitations and information for delegates and speakers, badges, marketing literature as well as finalising the little extras.If budget allows, colour co-ordinating room décor, table linen, napkins with corporate colours is an inviting touch. Hiring these items, as well as any specialist conference furniture, easels, lecterns, audio visual equipment, etc, immediately gives your venue a professional atmosphere.Last, but certainly not least, we advise keeping all your facilitating staff fully aware of what’s going on and then focus on ensuring your guests receive a warm welcome.As can be seen, there are many elements involved in conference event management in London, and getting it all to come together seamlessly on the day. Events by Knight, London conference management planners, can take away the worries and frustrations by calling upon their tried and tested suppliers. Your global conference needs to be devised, planned and managed to precision, and you’ll need to remain calm and in control. Hiring Events by Knight to take over instantly ticks both boxes.


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