Choosing The Right Venue - A Crucial Decision

Choosing the right venue for your corporate event is vital for it to be a success. There are many things you’ll need to bear in mind and it can be difficult to know where to start. Do you wait to know your visitor numbers before booking a venue? Will your ideal location be unavailable by then? Venue planning can be a daunting task, but with careful thought it doesn’t have to be.Events by Knight have been sourcing appropriate event venues and suppliers for many years. We know the pitfalls and how to avoid them. Here, we share our tips for choosing the right venue for your corporate event.

When to start looking for your venue

Obviously the earlier the better. However, you’ll need to have an idea of your budget, the space requirements and number of guests attending.If possible, try and book your venue at least four to six months in advance. This will give you time to plan other important elements like catering, publicity, booking speakers, etc.


This is likely to be your first consideration when choosing the right venue. Is there a local venue suitable for your needs or for larger events, do you need a venue which is accessible for those who may have to travel a long distance? Bear in mind traffic, transport and parking options and provide your guests with maps, directions as soon as you can.


You’ll need to know the seating capacity of your venue – both for logistical reasons and for health and safety requirements.

Facilities / Services

Does the venue have a kitchen, are they able to offer catering from outside to meet your needs or will you have to source your own caterers? Does it have suitable chairs, tables, etc, or will you have to hire those? Will you need to bring in your own audio visual / technology or does have the venue include for these? Think about every item you may need and see whether your venue is able to provide them, as it will obviously save a lot of time and hassle and potentially save on costs too.

Layout / Acoustics

It’s always helpful to see a layout of the venue facilities provided or better still, visit it in person. Does it give out the right vibe? Does it have adequate disabled access? Think about its acoustics too. A low ceiling makes crowded venues seem noisier – large warehouse style event rooms can give out an echo. In short, does the architecture fit with your event?

Costs and Flexibility on Dates

If you’re able to be flexible on the event date, you’re more likely to be able to negotiate a discount. Venues may have open dates on their calendar they need to fill. Similarly, you may be able to get a good deal with caterers, furniture suppliers, printers, so do ask if your venue management offers these services.As you can see, there’s quite a lot to consider when choosing the right venue for an event before you even begin to think about agendas, advertising, tickets, communicating with attendees.If all this is beginning to make your head start to spin, don’t fret. Come and talk to Events by Knight, corporate event planning specialists. We’ll put together a tailor made package for you and your guests, guaranteeing a successful evening, free from worry.

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